8-6 Exercises for Lesson 8



1 A discomfort of the urinary system.

6 _ n_ l _ edema.

7 A high ______ snack should be eaten for a hypoglycemic attack.

8 Associated with morning sickness.

11 A discomfort of the musculoskeletal system.

12 A position used for treatment of varicose veins.

13 Mu_o_ _ (white or yellow discharge).

14 White or yellow mucous discharge from the cervical canal or vagina.

18 Pressure can be applied here to assist in relieving muscle cramps.

19 Should not do to relieve leukorrhea.

22 A discomfort of the respiratory system.

23 High levels of this may contribute to morning sickness.

25 Pads, which may be worn for, stress incontinence.

26 Compresses - perineal and witch hazel.

27 More than one quart a day will create too much phosphorus.

29 One good source of roughage for relief of constipation.

31 Nasal problems are related to this system.

33 Supine hypotension is a discomfort of this system.

36 Incontinence caused by the enlarging uterus and pressure on the presenting part of the bladder.

38 Caused by increased vascularization due to the increase in hormones.


1 Urinary frequency is a discomfort of this system.

2 Back ___________ a discomfort of the musculoskeletal system.

3 Most noticeable at the end of the day.

4 ___________ veins are aggravated during pregnancy.

5 Burning sensation in the epigastric and sternal region.

9 _______le edema is very common during pregnancy.

10 Can be caused by elevation of serum phosphorus.

15 Hypotension is decreased bl_______ pressure.

16 Edema may be found here.

17 Breathing for two.

20 Braxton ______________ contractions.

24 Varicosity is enlargement of the lumen of a ___________.

25 _____________ tilt used to practice good posture.

27 First three letters of system with a backache discomfort.

28 Should drink at least 6 glasses of water per ________ when constipated.

29 Vitamins to take for muscle cramps.

30 First four letters of uterus.

32 Eat dry before getting up.

34 Dyspnea, a ____piratory system discomfort.

35 Apply to area of muscle cramp.

37 Na_ _ _ stuffiness is not preventable.

Solutions to the Crossword Puzzle for Lesson 8

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