9.1 Layette Planning

a. Layette. A layette is considered as the clothing and supplies needed to care for the infant following birth. Parents in classes are encouraged to prepare for the infant's arrival before birth. Baby showers are usually given by the family and friends to help provide some of the necessary items. Some clothing and care items are taken to the hospital to bring the infant home. It is important to remind new parents that infants grow quickly. Encourage them to not buy a lot of newborn items; infants outgrow clothes very quickly, and in some cases, the clothes are never worn.

b. Layette Contents. Table 9-1 shows items that are commonly found in a layette.

Table 9-1. Typical items in a layette.


  • Diapers (disposable or cloth)
  • Nightgowns, clothing sets
  • Sweaters, cap, booties
  • Crib, bassinette, or cradle
  • Diaper pail, maybe diaper plan
  • Bottles, nipples, formula
  • Car seat, blankets, crib sheets
  • Diaper pins, rubber sheets
  • Towels, washcloths, bath lotion

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