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Part 1 - Atomic and Nuclear Physics

1-1. Atomic Nature of Matter
1-2. Chart of the Nuclides
1-3. Mass Defect and Binding Energy
1-4. Modes of Radioactive Decay
1-5. Radioactivity
1-6. Neutron Interactions
1-7. Nuclear Fission
1-8. Energy Release From Fission
1-9. Interaction of Radiation With Matter

Part 2 - Reactor Theory   Neutron Characteristics

2-1. Neutron Sources
2-2. Nuclear Cross Sections and Neutron Flux
2-3. Reaction Rates
2-4. Neutron Moderation
2-5. Prompt and Delayed Neutrons
2-6. Neutron Flux Spectrum

Part 3 - Reactor Theory Nuclear Parameters

3-1. Neutron Life Cycle
3-2. Reactivity
3-3. Reactivity Coefficients
3-4. Neutron Poisons
3-5. Xenon
3-6. Samarium and Other Fission Product Poisons
3-7. Control Rods

Part 4 - Reactor Theory Reactor Operation

4-1. Subcritical Multiplication
4-2. Reactor Kinetics
4-3. Reactor Operation

This is a survey of the nuclear physics required for understanding the operation of nuclear reactor systems. It is intended to be a review/preview of the subject for technicians and engineering technicians in the nuclear power professions.

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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