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Basic Circuit Analysis
Series Circuits

Section 1-2 Voltage in Series Circuits


Recall a Definition

A series circuit has a single path for current flow.




Total Resistance of a Series Circuit


RT = R1 + R2 + R3 + ... + Rn


RT = Total resistance of the series circuit
R1, R2, R3, Rn = Resistance of all the individual resistors



Examples and Exercises

Determine the total resistance of this series circuit. Round your answers to one decimal place.

Some Notes About Resistors in Series

  1. When all resistors in a series circuit have the same value, the total resistance is equal to their common value multiplied by the number of resistors.

    Example:  A  series circuit consisting of four 2.2kW  resistors has a total resistance of 4 x 2.2kW = 8.8kW
  1. Removing a resistor from a series circuit raises the total resistance to infinity and causes the current to fall to zero.

  1. Shorting a resistor in a series circuit decreases the total resistance.



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