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AC Components and Circuits
Inductive Reactance

Section 2-4 The Q of an Inductor



Q of  an Inductor

The Q of an inductor is the measure of its quality. The more 'perfect' the inductor, the higher its Q value. 

Q is defined by this equation:


Q is the quality of the inductor (unitless)

XL is the inductive reactance (Ohms)

ri is the DC internal resistance of the inductor (Ohms)

The Q of a coil is also known as the merit of a coil. 

A 'perfect' inductor would have no internal resistance and, therefore, a Q of infinity. Although it is possible to achieve Qs on the order of 2000 or so, most inductors have Q values that are less than 100 when used in their intended frequency ranges. 





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