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bullet Lesson 1. Safety
bullet Lesson 2. Fundamentals of Electricity
bullet Lesson 3. Direct Current
bullet Lesson 4. Batteries
bullet Lesson 5. Concepts of Alternating Current
bullet Lesson 6. Inductance
bullet Lesson 7. Capacitance
bullet Lesson 8. Transformers
bullet Lesson 9. Circuit Measurement
bullet Lesson 10. Circuit Protection Devices
bullet Lesson 11. Circuit Control Devices
bullet Lesson 12. Electrical Conductors
bullet Lesson 13. Belt-Driven Alternators
bullet Lesson 14. Ship Service Generators (AC)
bullet Lesson 15. Wiring and Electrical Distribution
bullet Lesson 16. Three-Phase Alternating Current Motors
bullet Lesson 17. Single-Phase Motors
bullet Lesson 18. Direct Current Generators
bullet Lesson 19. Direct Current Motors
bullet Lesson 20. The Electrical Circuit


bullet Appendix Electrical Symbols
bullet Glossary of Terms

About This Course

This course reinforces good marine electrical practices. A good knowledge of marine electricity helps maintain the health and welfare of the crew by promoting the safe operation of the many electrical systems on board a vessel. Topics include marine electrical safety and alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) fundamentals. It details the vessel distribution system as well as circuit protection and the electrical motor load.

The marine engineer must understand the entire production, distribution, and user end of the electrical process. He is required to maintain and overhaul all the electrical apparatus for safely operating the vessel.


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